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February 24, 2012 by

Haha, sorry I’m busy sometimes and will take a few¬†hiatus’ from doing posts here and there, I’ve actually been planning to open up a roman RP sim soon and have been getting that all sorted as well. Once again I amsorry for not supplying you with survival tips latelyūüėČ


Extreme Ultimate Gorean Survival Tip #6

February 21, 2012 by

Do not think. KNOW.

Like the matador you must not simply think on the matter of your enemies and survival- You must KNOW your enemies and how to survive. Imagine if a Matador did not know that the bull would charge at his cape. He would be surely impailed and killed. Like this you must step into the ring knowing the intent of your enemy, and where they will make their move. Its like Mughina always says – “Bro you not think not write or this end do”. This exemplifies the type of attitude everyone should think to emulate.


Examples of things it would be better to know, instead of think lest disaster be stricken upon your soul.

1. KNOW that you have weapons and not bagles in your hands when you run to do battle.
2. KNOW where your beard ends and your face begins.
3. KNOW where you parked your boat. (Believe me this one is not to be overlooked. embarrassing.)
4. KNOW that your girl…. is in fact a girl….
5. KNOW if the lands you wander are known for their large and numerous ‘birds of prey’ that are made of adamantium and unicorn juice.

( ‚ÄĘ_‚ÄĘ)
sounds like you have knowledge
( ‚ÄĘ_‚ÄĘ)>‚Ćź‚Ė†_‚Ė†
that people are
dying to know

So to sum all of this up –


The more you know, The more you survive.


Survivor of the y2k apocalypse- Krevann Tiros

Survivor Spotlight: Mughina

February 20, 2012 by

TODAY WE WILL COVERING MUGHINA THE RUSSIAN WARRIOR. Do any of you imagine a guy drinking vodka and shooting a bow as soon as you hear the name mughina? I know I do. Anyways, Mughina has been a good friend of mine and actually isn’t a bad guy once you get to know him. I’ve even RP’d with him and he isn’t that bad actually here is an example.

[17:03] SőĻ–∑–∑ő∑: no no go behind watch outside dont touch her pussy
[17:03] mughina Lectar: bro you will be sit prisons
17:03] poop: why i sit prisons?
[17:03] mughina Lectar: you toush her pussy

That’s some prime RP right there. Anyways how about I show you the start of the interview and get right to business.

[11:15] AndrewRice: Hey bro
[11:15] mughina Lectar: smiles Hey bro
[11:16] AndrewRice: Do you want to do a interview? I just ask a few questions
[11:17] mughina Lectar: as want bro….. if this need you …..
[11:17] AndrewRice: Okay, Mughina how long have you been in Gor?
[11:17] mughina Lectar: near with 3 year
[11:17] mughina Lectar: years

Three years? Wow I didn’t even realize, we have a vet here guys. Get ready for some intense reading.

[11:18] AndrewRice: Do you think there a things you would change about gor?
[11:18] mughina Lectar: yes bro
[11:19] AndrewRice: What would you change exactly?
[11:19] mughina Lectar: me very no like one thing in gor
[11:19] mughina Lectar: no fair mod
[11:19] mughina Lectar: mod have power
[11:20] mughina Lectar: from this mod should will be fair

-slow clap- honestly have you guys ever heard even more wise words? This is how most people probably picture mugh

But I picture him like this



[11:20] AndrewRice: Is there anything in GOR that you like though bro?
[11:21] mughina Lectar: all another bro me like in gor from this in gor while constant
[11:22] mughina Lectar: only no fair mod upset me
[11:22] mughina Lectar: smiles
[11:22] AndrewRice: Seems you have a lot of problems with mod
[11:22] AndrewRice: Any mods that you dislike?
[11:22] mughina Lectar: bro i have many bans no have reasons
[11:23] AndrewRice: Yes, I think you are a good man mugh
[11:23] AndrewRice: I dont see why anyone would ban you
[11:23] mughina Lectar: 4 or 5 bans no have good resons
[11:23] mughina Lectar: if want bro read note
[11:23] AndrewRice: Hmm yes bro show me this notecard
[11:23] mughina Lectar: tis talk wit owner sim

Fair mods I like how he thinks, but too bad the rest of gor doesn’t ever consider having fair mods. I think Mughina should open up his own Gor SIM personally.

[11:30] AndrewRice: Yes I see bro
[11:31] AndrewRice: Mughina what do you think the best RP is you’ve had?
[11:31] mughina Lectar: me seems i have best rp 2 year back
[11:32] mughina Lectar: with two girls
[11:32] mughina Lectar: they was my captive
[11:33] mughina Lectar: after this rp we all in real life have orgasm bro
[11:33] mughina Lectar: hahaha
[11:34] AndrewRice: hahaha
[11:34] AndrewRice: very nice bro
[11:34] mughina Lectar: this rp was as real life
[11:34] mughina Lectar: you all forget what in game
[11:35] mughina Lectar: us seems what we all in real life


[11:35] AndrewRice: Hmm that seems like some very nice RP, hopefully you keyboard isn’t to sticky
[11:35] AndrewRice: Do you think gor has changed Mughina in 2 years?
[11:37] mughina Lectar: smiles my keyboard all clear bro
[11:38] mughina Lectar: no know bro hard tell
[11:38] mughina Lectar: change we change life change gor
[11:39] mughina Lectar: i always tell bro you come all in gor for pleasue no for upset
[11:39] AndrewRice: hmm so you think people should just play gor and stay calm instead of raging?
[11:39] mughina Lectar: shoot two but win should only one
[11:40] mughina Lectar: sho lose always no glad bro
[11:40] mughina Lectar: even if girl want will be capture she as rule no glad from lose

So I ask Mughina if he has anything else to tell the audience and he starts telling me this long ass speech.

[11:39] mughina Lectar: shoot two but win should only one
[11:40] mughina Lectar: sho lose always no glad bro
[11:40] mughina Lectar: even if girl want will be capture she as rule no glad from lose
[11:41] AndrewRice: haha yes bro.
[11:41] AndrewRice: Do you have any other things you’d like to say to the audience mughina?
[11:43] mughina Lectar: we all come in game for pleasure
[11:43] mughina Lectar: gor this or another game
[11:44] mughina Lectar: and we are all very dependent on other people in the game
[11:44] AndrewRice: hmmm you are a smart man mughina.
[11:45] mughina Lectar: this can will be mod enemy and friend in team
[11:46] mughina Lectar: i wish all meet only wit good peoples who will be respect you and try bring your pleasure
[11:46] mughina Lectar: with
[11:47] mughina Lectar: who will be see in avatar real girl or men and will be try no upset them


[11:45] mughina Lectar: this can will be mod enemy and friend in team
[11:46] mughina Lectar: i wish all meet only wit good peoples who will be respect you and try bring your pleasure
[11:46] mughina Lectar: with
[11:47] mughina Lectar: who will be see in avatar real girl or men and will be try no upset them
[11:47] AndrewRice: Yes bro.
[11:47] AndrewRice: I understand
[11:48] mughina Lectar: need always remember avatar this live men or girl
[11:48] mughina Lectar: for another computer
[11:48] mughina Lectar: no need insult them
[11:49] mughina Lectar: need try bring pleasure them
[11:49] mughina Lectar: made them good
[11:49] mughina Lectar: them good all back
[11:49] AndrewRice: ahh you are really wise bro
[11:51] mughina Lectar: bro I believe in God
[11:51] mughina Lectar: we all little part him
[11:52] mughina Lectar: from this need love even
[11:52] mughina Lectar: bro i too no angel
[11:53] mughina Lectar: i sometimes made mistakes
[11:54] mughina Lectar: but more part my time in game try bring peoples pleasure
[11:55] mughina Lectar: i no want upset them this cant made always
[11:55] mughina Lectar: nature gor one lose another win

This is just Mughina preaching to the people of Gor

So he kept going on and he started to seem like a Jehovah Witness so I decided to end the interview

[11:56] AndrewRice: hmm yes.
[11:56] AndrewRice: Thank you bro
[11:56] AndrewRice: I have to go no though
[11:56] AndrewRice: hugs no homo
[11:56] mughina Lectar: bro i wish you all best in rl
[11:56] mughina Lectar: hugs back bro ho homo

Obviously Mugh has seen things and faced many mod rulings in GOR I believe he is defiantly one of the top surivors in gor. He intentions are all nice to and dares bring harm to any person, yet he still manages to be one of the best of the best. Many kudos to you Father Mughina

Survivor Spotlight

February 20, 2012 by

So, I’m going to be doing new I’m going to be calling it survivor spotlight. Just going to interview a few people I know that have seen things and have survived things.
Anyways, I’m not going to go too much into detail on what exactly I’m doing you’ll see it for yourself in a bit.ūüėČ

Extreme Ultimate Gorean Survival Tip #5

February 20, 2012 by


Play that for full effect of this post ^






THAT IS RIGHT IT IS A FUCKING DINOSAUR. Get this right not only did they move really fast but they also did 225% damage in a second, not only that but the men on the back of the thalarions did 45% great axe damage or 35% spear damage. I know there were thalarions but when you have two or three charging at you with mounted red caste it is fucking crazy. I could understand if you just mounted them and did your own damage but those things did their own damage.

[15:42:32] Randal of Treve (randal.gloom) has entered chat range.
[15:42:32] Fear Zero has entered chat range.
[15:42:36] GM 4.1: hit you with right claw (40%) – strike type: sword
[15:42:36] Hovan Kaupas (hovan) has entered chat range.
[15:42:36] GM 4.1: hit you with right claw (40%) – strike type: sword
[15:42:37] GM 4.1: hit you with Thral head (40%) – strike type: sword
[15:42:37] GM 4.1: Randal Gloom hit you with Centipede Axe *Makemake* (45%) Draw V2.5 (45%) – strike type: axe
[15:42:37] Hovan Kaupas (hovan) has left chat range.
[15:42:37] GM 4.1: hit you with right claw (40%) – strike type: sword
[15:42:37] GM 4.1: Has Captured Dye Fall!


[15:42:37] GM 4.1: hit you with Thral head (40%) – strike type: sword

WHAT KIND OF HEAD HIT US?!?!?!? That thing does have a big head but I really don’t understand how a head can do so much damage that was like a headbutt ¬†“FALCONNNNNNN HEADBUTTT.” NOT ONLY THAT BUT THEY HAD TARNS.. For now on Treve will be known as Jurassic Park, so once we realize what was going on we had Korruk in skype screaming “raptor sounds.” Which sounded like a fucking dying bird. Here’s a picture of the tarns I mean¬†pterodactyls


ONLY IF I KNEW I WAS WALKING INTO THIS MESS. I swear though, for now on when I go to Treve remind me to bring a T-Rex with me, I’ll show them who is in boss. Also, I went ahead and made them a ¬†new logo


Instead of just using a axe or spear on their backs though maybe I should just ask the priest kings for a laser gun, i’ll install that bad boy right onto my t-rex. But I swear, only if there was a few more trees in there I would’ve felt right at¬†Jurassic¬†Park. Here is¬†another¬†picture of the raptors I mean Thalarions incase you missed them

WE GOT THAT FOOL DOWN OTOP OF HIS RAPTOR. To bad we couldn't kill the raptor

So what we learned today is that we don’t attack Treve because they have mother fucking Raptors and¬†Pterodactyls.

Extreme Ultimate Gorean Survival Tip #4

February 19, 2012 by


Does it make you stronger because you have a beard? No. Does it make you shoot a bow better if you have a beard? No. Do you get more women if you have a beard? No.           Do beards give you a more stylish look? No.

Beards do none of that, all beards do is make you look like a bad-ass. ¬†Honestly, would you rather fight a guy that has a beard or doesn’t have a beard? I certainly wouldn’t fight Chuck Norris.




I’m sorry but this man obviously has seen some things in his life¬†whether¬†it was a really small impact on his life or not, he has seen shit and done things. I bet if you gave him a stick he could turn that into some bad-ass spear and live in the wilderness for a year, killing hippo’s or something. I’d want him as a man watching my back not fighting against me. ¬†I’m sure this man could even kick Chuck Norris’ ass.


  1. Makes you a bad ass
  2. Makes you a bad ass
  3. Makes you a bad ass

DO I NEED ANYMORE REASONS?!?! No I don’t. If you haven’t grown a beard yet, give it time, the lord gives everyone a chance. If you can grow a beard but shave it off, you’re a pussy go grow your beard and you’ll see a difference in your life.

With that I close this tip, go grow your beard men and even sometimes ladies.

Extreme Ultimate Gorean Survival Tip #3

February 19, 2012 by

Don’t let them get 10 feet off the docks!

It is known to the strongest and most extreme gorean survivalists, that the only way to be certain of complete victory over your opponent is to never even let them begin to fight.

Here is an illustration of doing it right:


The goal here is similar to how the matador fights the bull. The matador does not run away and hide up in the stands with the crowd. NO NO NO! To do so would ensure the death of countless onlookers as the bull rampaged through the stands. No the Matador goes onto a common ground with the bull, and makes battle. Only in keeping eye contact and completely dominating the bull, does the matador overcome his opponent.

Just a small illustration of said principals in action:


The principals of the matadors tactics fit in well with the tactics in surviving in Gor. You see the best defense is a good offense, and by taking the fight to your enemy you give yourself more ground to cover should your initial attack fail. Do not think of it as being “raided” think of it as raiding your own docks. They will not know what hit them.

Most would have you believe that, when you are being “raided” the best tactical play to make would be to stand your ground in a fortress with walls as high as the sky. This is false.

Reasons Forts are bad:

1: They are usually ugly.
2: If caught on fire, you will die.
3: If you fall, you will die.
4: Should your defenses fall, there is nowhere to run or hide you will die.
5: Would you rather stand in a box, or in an open field. I rest my case.

So to sum it up. Forts are bad and will make you dead. You cannot survive if you are dead.

Sincerely and remember readers running away is surviving,

Krevann Tiros

Extreme Ultimate Gorean Survival Tip #2

February 19, 2012 by


[17:06] Am Demina: tal, sir
[17:06] Saint Lokia (lokia.spiritor): Tal
[17:06] Am Demina: mm, can I ask you a question
[17:08] Saint Lokia (lokia.spiritor): Yes.
[17:09] Am Demina: could you give me some money ?
[17:09] Saint Lokia (lokia.spiritor): Okay.
[17:09] LR Teromaximus Gladius [AF] Draw 2.14 (40%): FAST stance: delay 0.55 seconds, range 2.50 meters. Hit report enabled. Fighting Style: Normal.
[17:09] LR Teromaximus Gladius [AF] Draw 2.14 (40%): Melee Hit on Am Demina
[17:09] LR Teromaximus Gladius [AF] Draw 2.14 (40%): Melee Hit on Am Demina
[17:09] Am Demina: I have a long journey behind and havent eaten yet
[17:09] LR Teromaximus Gladius [AF] Draw 2.14 (40%): Melee Hit on Am Demina
[17:09] LR Teromaximus Gladius [AF] Draw 2.14 (40%): Melee Hit on Am Demina
[17:09] LR Teromaximus Gladius [AF] Draw 2.14 (40%): Melee Hit on Am Demina
[17:09] LR Teromaximus Gladius [AF] Draw 2.14 (40%): Melee Hit on Am Demina
[17:09] GM 4.1: Lokia Spiritor Has Captured Am Demina!

Lokia does not care if you have a long journey behind and you haven’t eaten, if you disturb him with a question like that you will be slain. This isn’t a charity this is GOR where you must fend for yourself and survive! Do you think we all got where we are by asking for money?! No we worked for it, as a man should.


Where there are fierce warriors, there are also weak beggars. Silly beggar go back to farming you do not belong speaking to a warrior.

Extreme Ultimate Gorean Survival Tip #1

February 18, 2012 by

Always wear a helmet!

What seems like an obvious accessory for any true gorean survivor, the helmet rarely gets the respect it deserves.

Just to show how protective the helmet can be I have illustrated a very basic example of what this piece of gear really has to offer :

As you can see, it fits quite nicely over my head, and protects my features from any potential impact. Thus ensuring that no brain damage, at least from blunt trauma shall ever be experienced.

Remember readers, one small tactical advantage could be that last little push you need from being dead to staying alive.

Sincerely and remember – in order to survive you must be alive,

Krevann Tiros


February 18, 2012 by

Okay so we go to this SIM called Hrimgar, and there is panthers there and I shit you not this shit looked like something from Lord of The Rings, a few of us even had to make our shapes the size of dwarves just to fit through some of the cave holes. On our way in Chocolate says over voice “OHAY GUYS I THINK IM LOST HERP DERP.” She also does not know how to survive. While fighting here you walk through this canyon looking shit and you’re being fired at from 360 degrees and it’s juts fucking crazy I honestly had no survival tactics for that so I just let other people take the hits. Krevann of course got stuck a few times in these caves and we had to wait a while which was really slowing us down, never listen to him he knows nothing of surviving.

Then we walk into this one room where there is a fucking GIANT ASS PIT FILLED WITH FUCKING SEA SLEENS. WTF??! THEY HANG PEOPLE FROM THERE AND CUT THEM DOWN TO THEIR DEATHS. That’s ok we had ways of surviving we used our Epic Gorean Male powers and jumped the fuck out of that water. Then our friend Korruk began to sing, they obviously didn’t take to kindly to that

[13:03] ¬†Toucha Magic: ((I’m going to start muting every fucking gesture bitch here))

I personally thought his singing was nice, but obviously they didn’t stupid men hating panthers always trying to bring a brother down. Then Korruk crashes in the middle of here so we had to hide in a tree till he came back online and was able to sail. It was a nice build over-all but I just don’t think we are fucking hobbits or some shit.


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